Chapter 16: The Firefly

Toad and Melena jerked around in time to see two large men troop to a corner table leaving a trail of melted snow in their wake. “How d’you recognize them?” asked Toad, turning back to Joe. “How d’you know they’re with this Horace person?” “Why do you think they’d help us?” Melena asked, eying the…

Chapter 15: Northern Most Tip

Agatha’s web worked just as well as the first time. They emerged in a thick patch of frigid mist and Toad immediately crossed his arms against the chill. In the distance, he could see the blurred dark shapes of pitched roofs and spires up ahead. He turned to Melena, his teeth beginning to chatter. “Fancy…

Chapter 14: The Seeking Solution

Toad couldn’t stop gibbering over the roc talon and Melena couldn’t stop grinning. Becky left shortly after the end of game, snatching up her umbrella and closing the door with a loud bang, making Joe jerk out of his daydream and look around in surprise. “Is the game over?” he asked. “Who won?” “I hope…

Chapter 14 // Teaser

“And you believe it’s real? The Seeking Solution?” Izzie pursed her lips. Slowly she said, “The Seeking Solution is seen as folly by most, but I do … or perhaps, I like to think that it’s real. Though I would never say that at the Potions Guild,” she added with a wink. Image credit: Eric…

M.L. LeGette has been INTERVIEWED!!!

A drip of Truth

1. What’s your name? Where can we find you? Blog? Twitter? Facebook?

For my writing, I use an abbreviation of my initials: M.L. LeGette. Everywhere else, I go by Melissa.

I’m on Facebook (,

Twitter (,

Pinterest (,

Tumblr (,

and Instagram (@melissalegette).

My blog is Come What May (

  1. Tell us a little about your life outside of the world of writing?

I’m a small scale vegetable farmer with an even smaller flock of sheep. If you’re around the Athens, GA area, stop by the farmers market at Bishop Park and buy some potatoes. They’re wicked good. I’m also a hobbyist photographer (Garden Windows Photography). I love to bake, though I don’t often have the time during the height of farming season, and I’m teaching myself how to knit. Second pair of gloves is underway.

  1. What has been the…

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Chapter 13: Bloodroot and Toadstools

“There’s gotta be a way to get on those towers.” They were heading back to Izzie’s, as the clouds were heavy with rain and Melena was in no mood to get caught in a downpour. “How d’you reckon we do it?” Toad continued. Melena had seen enough of the towers, surrounded by deep, churning ocean,…